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ABC’s Of Braces: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Treatment
Posted on March 29, 2019 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

Even with all the advances orthodontics has seen in recent years, traditional braces are still one of the best tools we have for creating beautifully aligned smiles for patients of all ages. Braces have been a favorite method of treatment for orthodontists for a long time, and have a pretty impressive track record when it ... Read full post

First Orthodontic Visit
Posted on March 4, 2019 by Dr. Damon Szymanowski.

When you get down to it, our lives are made up of a whole series of milestones, from our first words, to the first time we ride a bike on our own, to the first time we visit an orthodontist. As exciting as these “firsts” can be, it’s not uncommon to also feel a little ... Read full post