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"An orthodontic treatment that is all about you!"

Insignia Braces in Sacramento

Think of your smile like your fingerprints. It is unique to you, and now your orthodontic treatment plan can be too! Insignia is a truly customized treatment that utilizes 3-D mapping and modeling to create a plan specific to your jaw. Your brackets and wires will be 100% unique to you, and the results mean more efficient, more comfortable treatment.

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"Dr. Szymanowski and his staff are always friendly and great to work with!"

- Samantha C.

Insignia FAQs

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time with Insignia is typically much faster than traditional braces! What’s more, the number of office visits through treatment is often reduced and time in the office shortened.Perfect for busy schedules.

Does the speed of treatment mean the braces won't be as comfortable?

Absolutely not! Insignia works so well because the brackets and wires are customized specifically to fit your smile. Your orthodontist will create a plan just for you, and your Insignia braces are sure to be a comfortable experience.

How stable are the results?

Of course teeth will shift a bit after treatment. It is crucial that you speak with your orthodontist about using a retainer after your orthodontic treatment has been completed.

Are adult braces purely cosmetic?

No way! The benefits of having braces far exceed just that of making a pretty smile. Orthodontic treatment will align your teeth, strengthening your jaw and helping to keep your neck and shoulders lined up as well.

Aren't braces large and bulky?

Not Insignia braces. Because Insignia is an advanced technology it uses smaller, more comfortable braces. And the best part? Insignia is available in clear braces!